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Insider tips

Group activities

Fun activities in Ypres

The longest hour

In a mysterious house in the Pateelstraat, you play a real life escape game. Groups from three to six participants must reach the exit within the hour by solving puzzles and working well together.

Price: group of three: 20 euros / pp - group of six: 17 euros / pp.


The Night Watch - walk on Saturday

"The Night Watch" takes you on a journey to discover the dark ages of Ypres. History comes to life through small and big stories.

Every Saturday from 15.11.2018 tem. 30.03.2019 from 5 pm. -19 you.

Price: 3.5 euros / pp.

Register before 4 pm. via the Tourist Office ( / 057 239 220)

Climb the Belfry

In the Flanders Fields museum you have the possibility to climb the belfry tower. The tower has 231 steps. Once upstairs you get a fantastic view of Ypres and the 'Ypres Salient'. The ascent can only be done in combination with a visit to the Flanders Fields Museum.

Price museum visit

Adults: 10 euros + visit Belfort: 2 euros

Children up to 7 years: free + visit Belfort: 2 euros

Children and youngsters up to 18 years: 5 euros + visit Belfort: 2 euros

Youngsters between the age of 19 and 25 years: 6 euro visit Belfort: 2 euros

Fun with kids

Scavenger hunt with Siper

Siper is an "Ieperling" (=inhabitant of Ieper) of about 10 years. Join him on a quest through the Ypres fortresses and relive the many adventures of the Ieperlings.

This child-friendly tour not only explores history, but also discovers nature with beautiful trees and many birds.

Get a quest in the Tourist Office for 1 euro.

Crossen through the woods with Jaek and Nink

A bicycle route of 35 kilometers for children, connecting Ypres to Zonnebeke along the beautiful De Palingbeek estate.

Bicycle route available free of charge in the Tourist Office.

Cat hunting

Join us on our cat hunt and discover the history of Ypres while playing. Spot the best spots of the city while you're about an hour and a half (3km) on the basis of an app. The route is wheelchair and child-friendly, so that the whole family can go with it!

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